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Your Safe Journey into the 4th Industrial Revolution

Cyber Health at Home

Homes are becoming more and more digital, with technology taking over many tasks in life. Are you in control of this technology or is it in control of you? Who is deciding on this technology? Are you feeling technology disempowered to the extent of abdicating your parental responsibility? It is time you regain this control and manage the use of technology at home, ensuring CyberHealth at home. Join SafeCyberL!fe today to understand how to regain this control.

Protect Your Mobile Devices

Are you aware that you are no longer using a phone for communications? Your SMART phone is actually a computer and it needs a special process for you to be protected online. Symptoms of compromised mobile devices include slowness, more usage of data, more usage of power and many other strange things that your mobile device may start doing. In most cases you get a gut feel that something is going on. YES you may be compromised and you need skills to sort this out. Join SafeCyberL!fe to sort this out.

Safe Social Media Behaviuor

Many people are getting into trouble on Social Media and on the internet because they think they are engaging privately. Don’t fall into the danger of being a victim of your behavior on social media. Begin understanding how it works and protect your self now, tomorrow and in future. Join SafeCyberL!fe and start living a responsible life on Social Media.

We help people with improving their safety online.

The 12 Steps of SafeCyberL!fe are as follows:

  • Performing Technology Audit at Home.
  • Password Management.
  • Secure Email Training.
  • Anti-virus Software guidance.
  • Software Updates.